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White tea is produced differently than other teas. The tea leaves come from special varietal bushes. These tea leaves are not processed or steamed they are allowed to dry in the sun. Only certain tea leaves are selected, the ideal is two leaves wrapped around a new shoot. After drying the leaves are again selected and sorted by hand. White tea has three times as many antioxidant poly phenols as green or black tea and has an improved rate of mopping up free radicals.
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100 Monkey White Tea100 Monkey White TeaExcellent new tea flavor. The strength of the cup belies the white tea nature. White tea is acknowledged to be high in polyphenols.
100 Monkey White Tea100 Monkey White TeaExcellent new tea flavor. The strength of the cup belies the white tea nature. White tea is acknowledged to be high in polyphenols.
2 Dove Silver Needle White Tea2 Dove Silver Needle White TeaA premium tea that has exquisite haunting hints of peach whit a fresh lingering finish. This is one of China’s best white teas.
Adam's Peak White TeaAdam's Peak White TeaDelicate, very light liquoring with notes of pine & honey.
Blueberry White TeaBlueberry White TeaThe premium white tea accentuates a healthy fruity finish. Naturally flavored
British Earl White TeaBritish Earl White TeaThe bergamot flavor in a delicious Natural Flavor white tea.
Cloud Forest Rainbow White TeaCloud Forest Rainbow White TeaDelicious vanilla and pomegranate flavors combine to give a dessert in a cup.
Cream Earl Grey White TeaCream Earl Grey White TeaSuperb union of seasonal white tea and Earl Grey. Naturally flavored
Crested Crane Pai White TeaCrested Crane Pai White TeaKnown for it's black teas, Kenyan whites offer layers of malty Kenyan pedigree with peachy white notes.
Darjeeling White Tips white TeaDarjeeling White Tips white TeaA very rare tea from the Darjeeling area - each leaf is hand selected. The cup is faintly muscatel with a hint of white wine notes.
Elephant Tusk Silver Needle White TeaElephant Tusk Silver Needle White TeaIvory in the cup. Superb white light malt flavored hand selected silver tips with a touch of briskness are painstakingly harvested and naturally dried. Extremely rare.
Kenya Nandi Safari White TeaKenya Nandi Safari White TeaStunning white tea. The exotic perfumy tea flavor that makes Kenyan teas famous are everywhere! Naturally dried white tea for naturally exquisite flavour and goodness.
Kenya Silverback White teaKenya Silverback White teaBreathtaking flavor with notes of honey, roasted nuts and Madagascar vanilla. Light with African dawn gold notes.
Lady Earl White TeaLady Earl White TeaLady Earl White tea gives a feminine twist to the classic Earl Grey Tea. Real Bergamot Oil on lush Peony White Tea with hints of lavender and pink rose petals allow the delicate white tea to come through while the subtle flavor of white tea allows you to truly taste every lovely note in this fine blend. Lady Earl White tea is not as heavy on the Bergamot Oil as Earl Grey tea.
Monk's Blend White TeaMonk's Blend White TeaSmooth with madagascar vanilla notes and a touch of pomegranate pungency. Sweet pecan like finish. Naturally flavored
Oasis Mango White TeaOasis Mango White TeaMango abounds and the mellow character notes of white tea accentuates the experience. Naturally flavored
Ontario Icewine white teaOntario Icewine white teaSmooth and silky with light Riesling and berry notes. Naturally flavored
Organic Bai Mu Dan White TeaOrganic Bai Mu Dan White Tea(also known as Pai Mu Tan and White Peony) Organic Bai Mu Dan tea is made up of full, whole leaves ranging in color from green to russet to silver it’s very pleasing to the eye. Bai Mu Dan White tea is smooth and earthy with a hint of nut, it tastes crisp and is very much alive.
Pai Mu Tan White TeaPai Mu Tan White TeaClear slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavor. Delicate jammy notes reminiscent of Keemun or a mild Bordeaux
Panda Pearls White TeaPanda Pearls White TeaTiny hand-rolled tea buds unfurl to release their mild springtime tea flavor. The shape is made to resemble Panda bear tears, which are a symbol of good luck.
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