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Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free with many antioxidants, and vitamins. Herbal teas are refreshing and recommended as part of a healthy diet. With the many flavors of herbal teas they are an excellent replacement to the sugary drinks kids often opt for these days. The first known instance of herbs being collected for the purpose of ingesting them took place 60,000 years ago. Recent archaeological findings appear to indicate that even way back then, our Neanderthal relatives living in Iran understood the many ways that herbs can heal and soothe the body. So raise a cup to the past! Or, use our herbals to concoct your own custom tea blends.
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CALENDULA PETALSCALENDULA PETALSCalendula means hopelessness but Rose means love, passion and purity. Perhaps a blend of tea combined with Calendula and Rose petals would mean a tea, which honors those hopelessly in love.
Chopped Chai MixChopped Chai MixSouth Indian spice gardens abound with a deliciously light, peppery finish. Only premium January grown spices make the grade for this mix.
CORNFLOWER PETALSCORNFLOWER PETALSCornflower petals with their mild taste, and pleasing pale blue color are often used as an ingredient to add depth and color to blended teas. Brewed on their own, the flowers also make a delightfully mellow herbal tea. Try a custom blend of your own and add some cornflower. You’ll be amazed by the results – and repeat customers!
Lime GelatoLime Gelato
Mistletoe Herbal TeaMistletoe Herbal Tea
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