Decaffeinated Tea
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Decaffeinated Tea
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All of our decaffeinated teas are decaffeinated using the CO2 process. The CO2 decaffeination process is defined as a method also know technically as supercritical fluid extraction. In the carbon dioxide method, the caffeine is stripped directly from the tea leaves by a highly compressed semi-liquid form of carbon dioxide. Pre-steamed tea leaves are soaked in a bath of supercritical carbon dioxide at a pressure of 73 to 300 atmospheres. After a thorough soaking for around ten hours, the pressure is reduced, allowing the CO2 to evaporate, or the pressurized CO2 is run through either water or charcoal filters to remove the caffeine. The carbon dioxide is then used on another batch of leaves. This CO2 liquid works better than water because it is kept in supercritical state near the transition from liquid to gas, combining favorable diffusivity properties of the gas with increased density of a liquid. This process has the advantage that it avoids the use of potentially harmful substances to decaffeinate tea.
Decaffeinated Tea

Decaffeinated Tea

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Decaf Black Currant TeaDecaf Black Currant TeaIntensely black currant. Reminds one of a warm summer day “amongst the currant bushes”.
Decaf Chai TeaDecaf Chai TeaRobust and full flavored with and intoxicating Masala spice character.
Decaf Courtlodge TeaDecaf Courtlodge TeaCourtlodge is one of the top Ceylon estates. The FP leaf style retains its quality during the decaffeination process.
Decaf Earl Grey TeaDecaf Earl Grey TeaA full flavoury cup of tea tending bright with excellent Earl Grey notes from natural oil of bergamot.
Decaf English Breakfast TeaDecaf English Breakfast TeaEnglish Breakfast is a traditional mix of Chinese Keemun tea and other black teas. This blend of teas is perfect for breakfast with its strong, heavy flavor and dark color. The smaller, seemingly broken leaves are a normal effect of the decaffeination process. Our decaf teas are fine cut and some tea accessories may not be appropriate.
Decaf Green Sencha Kyushu TeaDecaf Green Sencha Kyushu TeaGood green tea flavor with longish sencha leaf style. All the goodness of green tea without the caffeine.
Decaf Irish Breakfast TeaDecaf Irish Breakfast TeaDecaffeinated at the green leaf stage and then processed normally. Gives a true malty taste with gold red highlights. Truly the finest decaff tea available.
Decaf Mango teaDecaf Mango teaFine loose leaf black tea blended with real bits of fruit and mango flavoring make up this citrus tea.
Decaf Monk's Blend TeaDecaf Monk's Blend TeaThe decadent pleasures of a delicious vanilla and grenadine combination.
Decaf Okazaki Mint Green TeaDecaf Okazaki Mint Green TeaOrganically grown in Nilgiri.
Decaf Orange & Spice TeaDecaf Orange & Spice TeaOur blend of Orange & Spiced tea is a combination of fine black tea, bits of real orange, and an assortment of spices including cinnamon and cloves to create this distinct blend. The spicy orange flavor will enchant your senses.
Decaf Peach Apricot TeaDecaf Peach Apricot TeaSmooth delicious character with superb orange flavor that is enhanced with spicy cinnamon notes.
Decaf Peach TeaDecaf Peach TeaLightly flavored with peach and blended with real fruit pieces this loose leaf black tea.
Decaf Raspberry TeaDecaf Raspberry TeaLightly flavored with peach and blended with real fruit pieces this loose leaf black tea.
Decaf Sendai Lemon Green TeaDecaf Sendai Lemon Green TeaReal fruit pieces blended with fine loose decaffinated leaf black tea, this tea has a refreshing taste
Decaf Spiced Chai TeaDecaf Spiced Chai TeaSix different spices and a multitude of fine black teas are blended together to create a true spiced chai.
Decaf Strawberry TeaDecaf Strawberry TeaTending astringent with good strawberry flavor. A lovely tea that can be enjoyed with strawberry shortcake pastries.
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